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Our goal is to be your preferred supplier in cryogenics

What makes Cryoworld special

Yes, we love serving the high tech industry and science, but there are more who do this. What differentiates Cryoworld from the "others"?

Our team is solely dedicated to special projects, yes we of course use standard components as much as we can, but our core business dictates that we have to find special solutions.
This means that your contact at our company has only one goal, that is to find a solution for the challenges you gave us.
He/she will not be a manager, but you're dealing with an engineer with full knowledge of cryogenics. It will be technology first.

To serve our demanding customers we developed a number of standard products with outstanding performance. 

Our phase separator has a standard accuracy of +/-0,1bar output pressure. This output pressure can be user-set by the tip of a button.

Our level sensor has a very high sensitivity yet almost insensible for water intrusion.
We can reach a sensitivity of +/-1mm of liquid level. (in boiling liquid nitrogen)

Our exhaust heaters have excelent performance! We have types for nitrogen and helium.
  • Low power consuption in automatic standby mode
  • Low pressure drop
  • Modular design
  • Virtually any power capacity is possible to supply

Electrical cold exhaust heaters 13,5Kw each

Our cryogenic control valves are excellent, numerous possibilities
(also control valve with shut-off function)
  • shut off/cut off mode
  • just positioner or integrated P&ID controller possible
  • remote positioner/controller possible
  • small footprint
  • no condensation on the stem
  • various connection protocols possible
  • exchangable seat/cone is an option
  • adjustable CV open/close valve is possible

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