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Phase separators

Phase separators are typically used when the surplus of (flash) gas in the line cannot be handled by the application.
The device removes the (flash)gas from the line and if required reduces the feed pressure.
They are typically placed near the end-use point of the line.
For use in relatively simple systems.
We can design it to your requirement if needed.

Our Phase separators have the following charactaristics:

  •     Design according PED EN13445
  •     Standard design pressure 14barg, higher at request
  •     Full stainless steel vessel and jacket
  •     Fully Vacuüm insulated design
  •     Can be made suitable for almost any cryogenic liquid
  •     Full electronic control
  •     Flexible control lay-out
  •     Free orientation of the interfaces 
  •     Highest standard accuracy in the market (+/- 0,1mbar)
  •     Highest pressure ratio in the market, 10bar input, 0,5 bar output, no problem
  • Floor and wall mounted versions are generally stock items with very limited lead times

     Floor mounted phase separator

Wall mounted phase separator

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