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Our goal is to be your preferred supplier in cryogenics


Subcoolers cool down the cryogenic proces liquid without reducing the pressure and, when designed correctly, without bringing a significant pressure drop.
Our subcoolers always are:
  •     Full stainless steel welded construction
  •     Low pressure drop, high capacity
  •     Fully vacuum insulated

Our subcoolers also have the following, optional, features:
  •     Bath filling by means of control valve
  •     Cooling action control for optimal efficiency
  •     In line gas removal
  •     Overfilling protection

    Cryoworld Subcooler SC50
Our standard vessels have the following capacities:
  •     SC25 up to 1500kg/h LN2 (DN25 liquid connections)
  •     SC40 up to 5000kg/h LN2 (DN40 liquid connections)
  •     SC50 up to 9000kg/h LN2 (DN50 liquid connections)

    Given performances are based on normal operation conditions, meaning operating pressure of 3barg

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